June 28, 2017

The Midwest’s Very Own "Odd Couple"



Raubin Pierce, Megan Mosack. Raubin and Megan. Hard to say one without the other.

Since December 2002 this unlikely pair has been shaking and reshaping the foundation of Kansas’ capital city with their provocative talk show on the nations 10th largest broadcast signal 580 WIBW-AM.

Breaking Topeka’s top stories has become the hallmark of this rural Kansas boy and urban Ohio girl.
Hints of their absolute will and ability to separate wheat from chaff came when Topeka’s embattled two-time mayor was removed for campaign irregularities, the Shawnee County treasurer was soon to follow out the exit door, then exposing the theft of more than $500,000 from the county’s largest school district, unreported for almost three years, were just warm ups for this dynamic duo.

The saga of Jerry’s Bike Shop and its battle against eminent domain-caused extinction, was an example of the public good served when the Mt. Hope Air Force brat and Cleveland new mother focus on right versus wrong. Jerry’s Bike Shop lives in the new Washburn-area development and stands as testament to strong citizen support and visionary talk radio.

Not satisfied to merely talk the talk, Megan served as the chairperson on a City Council-appointed citizens’ advisory panel on the problem-plagued Topeka Zoo. The John Carroll University grad and former television news anchor was determined to help the zoo return to its “world famous” status of two decades ago.

This dynamic duo has their work cut out for them with Topeka in turmoil again with an out of control city council spending taxpayer money like they are on spring break with daddy’s credit card, a capitol restoration project that has swollen like the banks of the Kansas river after a torrential downpour tripling the original $90 million price tag and a disgraced Attorneys General resigning the office after allegations of sexual harassment, blackmail, interfering in an on-going investigation and revelations of an extramarital affair, were….exposed.